Strengthen Your muscles With the Slant Board

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The Slant Board is a device you can use to stretch many of your leg muscles and is one of my favorites devices to use. It functions as a slanted, wooden device that you can angle differently, which ensures the release of tension in your calf muscles, Achilles tendon, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

-maintain daily function and optimize your quality of life.
-decrease risk of lower extremity injuries.
-avoid nagging foot and ankle conditions.
-improve knee and hip posture and closed chain exercise.
-increase ankle range of motion to develop better squatting technique.

The slant board is an excellent tool to strengthen your muscles, joints and ligaments. It is portable device that you can take anywhere and be used anytime. Use it in your office, or in other places at home – even while traveling abroad with the help of airlines. The slant board is an essential item to help you improve your flexibility, both physically and mentally.


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