Fix Your Stability With A Tibialis Anterior Bar

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Do you have weak ankles? Is your tibialis anterior muscle weak? This bar trains the muscles on the front side of your lower legs, commonly called your “shin muscle”. This bar is recommended to train the tibialis when you train your calf muscles, to maintain balance around the ankle. Training with this “Tibialis Anterior Bar” can help strengthen and support weak ankles, and has also help develop a strong tibialis anterior muscle.

* Extremely rapid balance improvements.
* Ability to decelerate far more quickly
* Lateral explosiveness and change of direction
* Stability when lifting heavy.
* Jump higher and sprint faster

The tibia trainer can be considered a “space saver” for any gym. And if features an adjustable weight bar, it lets you perform different exercises at the same time. This means that one single piece of equipment can replace several other ones, even if you don’t have much space in your home gym.


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